Our Drills

We currently operate three Hydracore 2000 surface diamond drills. These drills are light-weight, consistent, and extremely reliable. Drilling depths for the Hydracore 2000 are: 400Meters HQ and 900Meters NQ.

We have one Zinex A5 surface diamond drill.  Easily and quickly disassembled & reassembled for moves with smaller helicopters.  Drilling depths for the Zinex A5 are:  1000Meters HQ and over 1000Meters NQ.


Heavy Equipment

We have skidders, excavators and bulldozers available to assist with drill moves and pad building. We also have eight Dorado Drilling work trucks, equipped with radios, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and buggy whips.



Regular, scheduled maintenance on our equipment and our drills is an essential part of our operations. Our well-stocked shop in Vernon, BC is where we perform all maintenance and repairs to keep our equipment running smoothly. All equipment is inspected and tested before mobilizing to a project to help eradicate downtime and breakdowns.