Safety, Environment and Quality

Our dedication to the areas of safety, environment and quality is demonstrated through our Quality Management System. This outlines requirements that our management system is in compliance with.

These requirements outline criteria to be met in the following areas: policy statements, roles, functions, accountabilities and responsibilities, management systems manual, training, document control, record control, legal requirements, risk management, specific client contractual obligations, continuous improvement, equipment maintenance, emergency preparedness and response, incidents, statistical reporting, internal review and management evaluation.

We will participate in an annual audit every year to ensure ongoing compliance and to demonstrate our committment to continuous improvment.

Our policy statements developed by top management serve to clarify the intentions of our organization.


Dorado Drilling has always been committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

Our health and safety program is designed to educate and train employees properly on all applicable aspects of workplace health and safety, to provide the necessary and appropriate equipment and supplies, and to ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken to keep our workplace safe.

Our plan also includes focusing on minimizing workplace hazards by regular inspections and maintenance and by early identification and correction of potential unsafe situations.

It is management’s responsibility to provide an ever-evolving health and safety plan and we are committed to reviewing our policies on a regular basis, to continually improve operations, to keep workplace accidents to an absolute minimum, and to make our workplace a safe and healthy place to be.

We are also committed to meeting or exceeding industry and legal requirements and to ensure these requirements are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure ongoing compliance.

We emphasize and encourage active involvement at every level of our organization, from upper management to employees and other stakeholders. It is our employee’s responsibility to work in a safe manner, and to understand and comply with all the guidelines and procedure for safe work at our sites, and it is our responsibility to provide the education and training so they can do so. We also ensure that there is a procedure in place for employees to follow in order to exercise their right to refuse unsafe work.

The wellbeing of our employees is our priority and we are committed to keeping our workplace safe, healthy and hazard free.


Dorado Drilling has always recognized the importance of environmental protection and ecological sustainability in the exploration and mining industry. We understand that our industry does have an impact on the local, regional and global environment and we strive to minimize our own environmental impact as well as reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible in all of our diamond drilling operations.

We are dedicated to keeping our drill sites clean and free from spills and leaks, to ensuring reclamation restores drill location to original condition, and to acting in accordance with industry environmental regulations. We are committed to identifying potential environmental concerns and to establishing preventative measures to manage and reduce the impact our operations have on the environment. We believe it is essential to have such measures in place to ensure environmental sustainability for present and future generations.


It is our mission to provide our customers with a superior level of service, while ensuring the highest possible production rate and keeping overall project costs at a minimum.

It is management’s responsibility to determine a set of coordinated activities that direct and control our company in a way that continually improves our effectiveness and efficiency and fulfills our mission. Our quality management system is designed to fulfill two main requirements: Those of our customers and those of our organization, both internally and externally. More specifically, it is our goal to: set direction and meet client’s expectations, improve processes, reduce costs, manage risk, facilitate training, motivate staff and increase morale.