It is our goal to provide the highest level of service to our clients from before the contract is signed until after the job is completed. We offer customized, personalized service to each of our clients and can tailor our services to meet, and exceed, customer needs and expectations.

Surface diamond core drilling: This is our core service offering. We offer a variety of drilling capabilities including PQ, HQ and NQ. Whether it is a fly or a skid job, on land or ice, we can get the job done in a safe, productive manner.  

Turn-key exploration camps: We offer complete camp capabilities with tents and cooking facilities available upon request. We can also provide meals and accommodations to our clients, if desired.

Pad and road building capabilities: Our excavator operator has many years of experience behind him, and can build pads and roads to suit any requirements.

Reclamation: Leaving the drill site in its original state, as well as minimizing land scarring and land disturbance, are the main goals of our reclamation process.  We are always sure to restore the original contours of the land, and to ensure the drill site is clean and free of debris. We take photo documentation of our reclamation process for our stakeholders to view and ensure it was done effectively.